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CandyGrind has announced the restructuring of their company into CG Habitats, with a more focused investment in domestic manufacturing and the aim to further solidify a reputation that is passed in progressive design and clean craftsmanship. The company notes that with next year being their 10th anniversary, this is the perfect time to focus on the long-held goals of the past while also seamlessly integrating a fresh outlook.

CandyGrind Restructures to Debut CG Habitats

Denver, Colorado (Fall 2015) – CandyGrind is proud to announce it has restructured to better support the company’s growth and future initiatives. This September, the Colorado-based apparel and accessories company is debuting CG Habitats, which will serve as the parent company for a portfolio of brands including CandyGrind, CNDYGRND, and CG Accessories. CG Habitats will also showcase a forthcoming philanthropic initiative.

“Essentially, we’ve come to need a bigger mothership for the projects we have in the pipeline,”explains CandyGrind Cofounder and Creative Director Austin Paik, who will also serve as the president of CG Habitats. “Next year marks our tenth anniversary. Consequently, now is the perfect time to reflect on the company’s past and better prepare for its future.”

CandyGrind’s current location in Eastlake, Colorado will serve as the headquarters for CG Habitats.“For our dealers and customers, this evolution will be seamless,”notes Paik.

“The creation of CG Habitats better equips us to support them well into the future. As our brands evolve, we can remain true to CandyGrind’s roots while also cooking up fresh projects.”

With the launch of CG Habitats, the company’s brands aim to further solidify a reputation based in progressive design and clean craftsmanship. To do this, CG Habitats is investing heavily in domestic manufacturing. “Starting this winter, you’ll see more and more of our staples being made in America,” explains CandyGrind Cofounder and Vice President Brandi Paik. “This enables us to enhance our commitment to quality while debuting lines that help create a new standard for American manufacturing in the action sports industry.” Working closely with a Denver-based manufacturing partner, CG Habitats will be able to readily translate ideas into action without the delays typically associated with production abroad.

“Decades from now, we want CG Habitats to be synonymous with classic design and enduring craftsmanship,” explains Austin Paik. “By manufacturing many of our goods just a few miles away, we’re laying a strong foundation for the future. And with the creation of CG Habitats, we’re better equipped than ever to capitalize on this.”

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About CG Habitats

Driven by a commitment to progressive design and unsurpassed quality, CG Habitats is home to a portfolio of premium brands including CandyGrind, CNDYGRND, and CG Accessories. From its headquarters in Colorado, the company designs and develops purpose-driven products that are at home in the streets, on the beach, and in the mountains.

Written by: Michael Sudmeier