2107 Summer Collection Now Available

As much as we all love winter, there comes a time to bust out those board shorts and tank tops! We are excited for another great summer. If you have not had a chance to check out our summer collection in person, we highly encourage you to do so. You will love it… See the full collection HERE or find a retailer to check out things in person HERE. LIVE YOUR HABITATS.

Spot Pizza – Trailer

Will Mayo and east coast crushers have been busy the last 2 years filming street… Spot Pizza🍕isn’t only the best thing ever but sure to be a great video. We’re hungry to see it!!!
Full 2 year street project drops fall 2017.
Riders: Will Mayo, Alex Cole, Ryan Kittredge, Brandon Honeycutt, Christian Manhard, Justin Melanson, Steve Lauder, Eugene Stancato Tyler Vallieres, Chris DePaula, Zac Anderson, and Josh Cherner.
Film: Will Mayo, Alex Cole
Additional Filming: Christian Manhard, Ryan Kittredge, Steve Lauder, Joe Carter, Travis Henderson.
Edit: Alex Cole
Supported by:
Capita, Union, Thirtytwo, Coal, VZ, NOTB Snowboards, Nashoba Parks, Shedwise Winches, Fyve, CG Habitats.

Big Thanks to Park Crews

Now that most resorts are closed in the U.S. we would like to give a big thanks to all of the park crews out there for all the hard work and creative thinking. With above average snowfall in most areas it made for one great season! The progress terrain parks have made in the last 10 years is beyond awesome. Features and terrain gets better and better year after year. PARK CREW APPRECIATION!

Midwest Mash Up 2017

Our last mash up edit for the 16/17 winter features midwest rippers Repolia Robinson, and Colton Maddy. From Afton Alps over to Spirit Mtn. These boys sure had fun this winter!

Carinthia Parks Mash Up

Carinthia Parks has been one for the books this year. The park staff has been killing it bringing one of the freshest parks on the east to life. Check out Casey Willax and Steve Lauder in this mash up from the 16/17 Winter. Also featuring Ben Wachowiak.