4th Annual Barrels For Boobs Surf Contest – Marineland, FL

Spring is approaching fast and that means its time for another Barrels For Boobs Surf Contest! The ladies from Wahines of the Waves from the University of FL bring you the 4th Annual Barrel For Boobs in Marineland, FL Saturday, April 14th. This year all proceeds will be donated to Pink Up The Pace.

If you love surfing and hate breast cancer, this is the event for you! This contest is open to everyone (men, women, groms, pets…) with divisions including Beginners, Short board, Longboard, Tandem, and Weirdest Thing You Can Surf. Come shred, sunbathe, and boogie with us while we raise money for a great cause.

Breast cancer is still the second leading cause of death among women, affecting one in every eight women and 1 in every 1000 men in the United States. With nearly $7,000 raised in the last three years, we want Barrels for Boobs to make a difference in this statistic!

More info and registration HERE.

barrels for boobs surf contest


14th Annual Faction Challenge – Andes Tower Hills

Faction Snow + Wake + Skate out of Alexandria, MN present the 14th Annual Faction Challenge. It all goes down Saturday March 17th at Andes Tower Hills. Sign up starts at 10:30 and the comp starts at noon. Dont miss your chance to win a ton of prizes!

faction challenge andes tower hills

All Things BUCK – Buck 90 Productions

Buck90 Productions has always brought great media from the east coast and beyond. If you haven’t already seen their newest film, make sure to check it out. A bunch of east coast kids killing it one spot after another. Steve Lauder, Will Mayo, and friends bring you “All Things Buck” from Buck90 Productions.
Riders: Levi Gunzburg, Steve Lauder, Max Lyons, Rory Bruder, Nate Haust, Erich Stefanzick, Shaun Murphy, Jon O’Doherty, Brandon Reis and Will Mayo.