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    People ask all the time how to waterproof or care for your gloves or mittens. Here’s our solution for all your questions...


    CG’s gloves and mittens are made with 100% of the finest genuine leather allowing us to keep our commitment to producing some of the best gloves in the world. Taking care of your leather gloves and mittens extends the life and durability of them. With quality in mind, we wanted to share our knowledge of how to care for your leather gloves and mittens to ensure their fullest capabilities and last longer.

    Everyone always asks questions like "Can you wash leather gloves?". "Do they shrink when they get wet?". "How do i waterproof my gloves?"... and the list goes on... We have you covered with the good and the bad for your leather gloves or mittens.

    How to Waterproof Leather Gloves and Mittens:

    We all need to remember leather is a "skin" so there is some natural resistance to the outdoor elements. It doesn't mean it's waterproof by any means.

    There is quite a bit of waterproofing solutions out there like Nikwax etc. but theres no need to put  harsh chemicals on your gloves or mitts especially if its something that comes in contact with your skin or face. 

    Our solution is ALL NATURAL COCONUT OIL. It soaks in to the leather nicely and doesn't have any harsh chemicals or odors like other waterproofing solutions.

    1- Take 1tsp of room temp coconut oil and apply to palm

    2- Vigorously massage into the leather while wearing both left and right sides for 5-10 minutes.

    3- Let the coconut oil soak in for 12-24 hours before using.

    4- Repeat after heavy use or when leather is aging.

    How to Properly Dry your Leather Gloves and Mittens:

    NEVER DRY THEM WITH AN EXTERNAL HEAT SOURCE! No heaters or fires! You should always air dry in normal room temp. Your gloves should be left to dry in their own time to prevent them from cracking and drying out.

    How to Clean your Leather Gloves and Mittens:

    Usually not necessary, but in certain cases you might need to wash your gloves or mitts. NEVER COMPLETELY SUBMERGE IN WATER AND NEVER USE A MACHINE WASHER! Our method to cleaning a leather glove or mitten is taking a warm wet washcloth (fully rung out) and rubbing it along the glove or mitten while wearing them. Baby wipes work as well. If you prefer to use soap use a small drop of body wash and wipe with a fully rung out warm wash cloth. No hand soap! Remember to always let them dry naturally.

    Don't forget to use a natural product like ALL NATURAL COCONUT OIL to keep your mittens in pristine condition to make them last!

    Live Your Habitats.



    2019 Summer Collection Now Available

    Our 2019 Summer Collection is now available! Make sure to check out all of our different board short fits. Every board short built, recycles 5 plastic bottles and the numbers are starting to add up. We hope to make a big difference by using more and more recycled fabrics. Same great quality with sub-stability in mind... Live Your Habitats.

    The Snowboard Project – Chris Corning Podcast

    Check out Chris's break down of his past, present, and future in snowboarding. A must listen... KEEP KILLING IT CHRIS!!! Much love! Episode 88 - The Snowboard Project "Chris Corning(born September 7, 1999) is an Americansnowboarder. A badass American snowboarder to be more exact. In 2018, he competed inbig airandslopestyleatWinter X Games XXII. He also got second to Mark McMorris at the US Open and took home the world championship. He sewed up that title again at Mammoth, where we talked to the 19 year old rider about competition, the quad 18, new tricks, dealing with injuries, and much more. Chris is well spoken, down to earth, with a strong desire to win. Here is his first major interview".

    Superior Banked Slalom Presented by Rhythm Board Shop

    Rhythm Board Shop presents the Superior Banked Slalom at Mont Ripley in Ripley, MI. Don’t miss your chance to win cash prize and plenty of gear from CG. Registration is at the Ski Chalet between 9-10am and the race starts at 11 am. $10 entry fee and all ages and abilities are more than welcome to compete. Discounted lift tickets available for competitors. Visit the Superior Banked Slalom Facebook page for more info and details. 

    TransWorld Snowboarding Closes – 1987-2019

    TransWorld Snowboarding announced today they are closing the doors after 32 years of absolute stoke. We are sad to hear the news. We would like the thank TransWorld for everything they have done for snowboarding. Pumping out the best content decade after decade from the magazine, videos, social media, and everything in between. Before the era of mobile devices and social media, TransWorld Snowboarding Mag was a go to for stoke and great content through out the season. We will always remember the history of TransWorld and everything they have done. They will be missed…

    Photo: Chris Wellhausen

    TWS 3/7/19 – “For over three decades, TransWorld SNOWboarding maintained a steadfast commitment to curating of the sport’s culture. From evangelizing the legitimacy of shredding in the outlaw 80s, to broadcasting snowboarding’s place within the angsty counterculture of the 90s, to providing an authentic portrayal of the riding life even as the sport gained Olympic heights, we’ve been right there in print, online, and across social media. No matter the channel, we evolved to inform, inspire, and spread the stoke to millions. All good things, unfortunately, must come to an end, and effective March 6, 2019, TransWorld SNOWboarding has closed; the 32nd volume of magazines will be our last, and Kamikazu will be our final film. Over the coming weeks on our site and social channels we’ll publish tributes and reflections from the photographers, editors, filmers, and riders who defined the title over the years, so please check back regularly. Ultimately, the entire site will be archived online, available via search for the next generation to reference. From everyone here at the magazine, past and present, we want to thank you, the readers and viewers who supported us since 1987. Take some turns for us; better yet, keep an eye out and take some turns with us. We’ll see you on the hill.”