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    New addition to the Blood Line - The Heritage Tech T-Shirt

    The newest addition to the CG Blood Line is the Heritage Tech T-Shirt.

    Nylon, UV Protectant, Moisture Wicking and Quick Dry.  These T-Shirts look like a standard T, but have all the Tech benefits. This garment is 3D Knitted (Welcome to the future!) on a state of the art precision machinery, with thread composition that we have formulated (Microfiber Nylon 79% + 21% Polyester). This composition of fibers bring longevity to this staple garment and the quick dry /moisture wicking performance is absolutely superior. Check out all the features HERE.



    NEW!!! Introducing The Summer Rollie Beanie

    Not your ordinary beanie... The Summer Rollie Beanie is made with cooling yarn and is a single layer construction compared to a normal beanie thats double layered. 

    From an everyday beanie through out the summer to cooler morning and nights. Check out all the details HERE.

    NEW!!! Introducing The 309 Fit - Amphibious Joggers

    Introducing the NEW 309 Fit Amphibious Joggers! Their classic silhouette blends an athletic fit with features meant for in and out of the water.
    The AJ’s feature an adjustable waist, no-slip drawstrings, and four-way stretch fabric match your moves. And when it’s time to step out on the town, slip your wallet in the velcro back pocket and phone in the front zippered pockets.

    The AJ's are great for activities in and out of the water and the length adjustable pull strings help keep your joggers dry when your in shin to knee deep in water.


    Drop into something different with the 309 Amphibious Joggers. Check out all the Features HERE.

    NEW!!! Introducing The Tech Soleado Hooded Shirt

    "Soleado" is Spanish for SUNNY. The Soleado is great for sun protection through out the day and definitely good for those chilly summer mornings and nights. Take advantage of the marsupial pocket with YKK zippers and cinch down the hood and use the thumb holes to keep you protected from the elements. 
    Our “Blood Line” All climate adaptive / Layering intended / Technical Streetwear is unlike your normal apparel you see everyday. Our Shred DNA is deeply embedded in BLOOD LINE’s purposeful Fabric Engineering and function-oriented Garment Construction for joyable weather dealing in all habitats. 

    Our moisture wicking fabric is designed to pull moisture away from the skin.
    Made with high performance micro-fiber synthetic fabric, that moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface where it evaporates quicker than any conventional fabric. It will keep you dry and comfortable.
    The Soleado Shirts are knitted with moisture wicking/quick dry micro-fibers that also provides UVA and UVB protection (UPF 30) from the sun in areas that are covered by the garment. The hood is clutch to beat those sun rays throughout the day. Check out all the features HERE.