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    Hoodies & Jackets

    All climate adaptive / Layering intended / Technical Streetwear

    “Our Shred DNA is deeply embedded in BLOOD LINE’s purposeful Fabric Engineering and function-oriented Garment Construction for joyable weather dealing in all habitats.”

    CG’s 4 seasons Blood Line garments are made with high-performance micro-fiber synthetic fabrics. Designed to wear on the street and on the hill. It’s all about layering depending on how much warmth and wind protection you need for that day.
    CG offers a variety of options including a Nylon Field Vest and Sleeping Bag Hoodie that pairs well together. Our favorite mid-layer option is the EF Insulator either in the Pullover Hoodie or Crewneck option. The Windbreakers are perfect for those warmer days, while the Tech Zip Hoodies and Workshirts are the perfect soft shell jacket with the wind and waterproof membrane, and moisture wicking fleece lining.
    All options that won’t break the bank and keep you looking fresh. Check out more information below: