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    Holiday Handrails at Tyrol Basin

    It's that time of the year! Holiday Handrails at Tyrol Basin goes down December 22nd at 6pm. Don't miss your chance to win some CG gear and enjoy some holiday jibbing! LET IT SNOW!

    Highway 40 - Kaleah Opal & Gabe Mekker 2018

    Kaleah and Gabe getting after it last season in Steamboat Springs, CO. Couples that ride together, stay together! Relocating from Vermont to Colorado was a great treat for both Kaleah and Gabe for the 17/18 Winter. Even though the winter wasn't the best last year in parts of the rockies they still made the best of it. Watch out for more from these 2 in the future! Enjoy their latest project "Highway 40".

    Shoreline of Tahoe Collaboration Park Mittens

    We are stoked on Shoreline of Tahoe's collaboration park mitten's for 18/19. The park mitt is a true team favorite and has evolved into a very popular mitt in the collection. Proven performance through years and years.