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    The Old Farmer's Almanac 2019-2020 Winter

    With most of the country experiencing their best season in decades for the 18/19 winter, we hope the same scenario for the 19/20 winter. Overall the outlook looks pretty decent for most of the country. The east coast and PNW might be hit or miss in some areas. We've never heard the term "Wet & Wild" on the farmers almanac so that could be predictions to some terrible conditions on the east coast. Most of the rocky mountains and sierra mountains look to be good for this winter. Lets see what mother nature brews up this winter! LET IT SNOW!The old farmers almanac 2019-2020 winter

    Arapahoe Basin Joins the Ikon Pass for 2019/2020 Winter Season

    After last fall's announcement that Arapahoe Basin discontinued their partnership with Vail Resorts giving locals and riders anger or relief, they just announced that they will be partnering with Ikon Pass. Offering 7 days a season to pass holders. Fall and spring will probably be the most used days for Ikon Pass holders at Arapahoe Basin for being the first to open and one of the last to close in the rockies region. Check out the comments on their post below to see the mix of emotions for the Basin's followers.

    Turning Plastic Bottles into CG Board Shorts - Repreve®

    cg habitats board shorts made recycled - repreve

    Turning single use plastic bottles into board shorts. ♻️  Our board shorts are manufactured with Repreve. Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills every year. But now you can do something about it. Repreve is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles).


    The Repreve® Process for Building CG's Board Shorts

    cg habitats - how our board shorts are produced with recycled materials

    CG is committed to help make this planet a better place by using recycled materials and producing less waist. Thanks to Repreve, we are able to do just that while keeping our promise to creating quality, performance products. All of our shorts feature a 4 way stretch and offered in 6 different fits. 5 fits for men, and 1 for women.


    Every board short we produce recycles 5 single use plastic bottles. 

    Our Commitment to Quality and Sustainability. Built to Last... 

    From the day we started producing board shorts, our main concern was function and quality. We wanted to produce the best board shorts sourced with the BEST FABRICS we could find... After we mastered our production and started offering fit based board shorts, things have changed tremendously with our production. Using recycled materials while producing some of the best board shorts in the world. #LiveYourHabitats


    CG's Board Shorts Featuring Repreve®

    CG board shorts featuring Repreve. CG’s premium board shorts offer a fit based style collection with everyday livable features built in. Only found in CG board shorts – Fit is Your Choice

    314 Fit Pro Board Short Review - Branden DeFilippo

    Branden Defilippo - "Alright, check it out guys, here we have the 314 Walker fit hybrid pro models. These are very similar to the regular 314 Walker fit. The only difference is that these are going to be the 46 polyester and the 46% repreved polyester with the 8% elastic. Again with our repreved, it is recycled polyester, trying to stay conscious of the environment, as well as keeping a high performance board short.

    These board shorts are a straight fit with a welded seam at the knees as well as the inner thighs with a triple stitch and double stitch all the way around. One key factor with these board shorts is that all the pockets are zippered, non corrosive. They come with the drainage holes as well so if you are looking for that hybrid model board short, but having a low performance one and keeping everything intact with the durability, these are the ones for you. The two back pockets are again going to be the non corrosive zippers.

    These board shorts as well as the regular 314’s have the button in the front, very inconspicuous, very comfortable, doesn’t get in the way. I’m actually wearing a pair right now. And they have a very discreet non slip drawstring, as well so if they’re falling off of you a little bit, tighten up, one quick knot, and they’re going to stay intact. These board shorts are the four way stretch with quick dry. They also have the belt loops on the side so again if you have to go somewhere nice and you want to slap on a belt, again no one’s going to question it, you’re going to fit right in, they’re very discreet. They also have the specific belt loop or loop on the side if you will for your keys. These are definitely the on-the-go, everyday use, in and out of the water board short.

    Again, very similar to the regular 314 hybrids, except for they all have the non corrosive zippers on the pockets and the material itself is the repreve polyester and combo with the regular polyester. These retail for $64, if you’re interested in checking them out, click on the link and we’ll get everyone hooked up." 

    Look no further for a true hybrid board short… If you live in and out of the water with everyday tasks the 314 Walker Fit PRO is the board short your looking for. The 4 way stretch polyester teamed up with cotton and elastane give you that casual urban look but ready to embark in any water scenario. The button fly keeps things casual, but when your ready to hop in the water cinch down the hidden inner waist drawstring for performance and comfort. Your everyday short for all your summer habitats.

    • 46% POLYESTER

    board short tech logos