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    CG is committed to building a community based on quality products, specialty retailers, and passionate people living their habitats to the fullest.

    At CG we want to offer more than just a quality product, we want to offer a standard in the industry.  When things first got started no one was thinking about profit margins or making budgets, just the fun of shredding.

    Our streetwear and accessories reflect our passion for boardsports and loving life.  Each product we make is also driven by a commitment to style, craftsmanship, and design.  And each product tells a story.  It’s a story lived with friends and shaped by cookouts, skate sessions, and concerts.  Yet the story is not just ours—it’s one we share with others committed to living creatively.  Whether your adventures take you to the park or the pier, the streets or the club, we’ve got you covered.

    At CG we take pride in handling everything IN-HOUSE - from designs, pattern works, fabric engineering, sample making to sales & customer service... We took this approach of streamlined originality and applied to the most basic staple garments that we produce.

    Every piece of garment and accessories are meticulously fine tuned every year, with the best attention to detail along with top quality manufacturing. Everything is made from scratch and made to bring good feel in every conditions of your habitats, with purposeful layering intended designs.

    With the re-branding of CG Habitats in 2015, we have used this momentum of our growth to successfully launch our domestic factory running business under our heritage name CandyGrind.

    CandyGrind brand name will be inherited down to represent our domestic production goals, which we will continue to push our fabric engineering R&D and the seeding of fine product making on our home turf.

    CG Habitats / CandyGrind