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    Kushi-riki Kids Accessories

    Kushi-riki Kids Accessories

    Children are our most precious resource. They remind us to approach life with hope, optimism, and a spirit of generosity. Consequently, to make the world a better place, our efforts must begin with them. Guided by this belief, Kushi-riki is committed to meeting the needs of children across the globe. We craft premium products for children – and then donate one hundred percent of our healthy profit goals to thoughtful partners who serve them. With a focus on health and education, our partner organizations work relentlessly to ensure all children have the lives and opportunities they deserve.

     Driven by passion and purpose, Kushi-riki is a different kind of company. The design and craftsmanship of our products is perfectly paired with our mission. After spending over a decade creating snowboard apparel and accessories, we saw the potential for using our skills and experience to improve the lives of children. We’re a handful of friends with big hearts and big ideas. And all of our efforts are rooted in a commitment to transparency. By sharing every step of our journey and each move we make, we hope to inspire others while holding ourselves accountable to the children we serve. Please join us in sharing the love and sharing the warmth.