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    Hoodies / Jackets

    All climate adaptive / Layering intended / Technical Streetwear

    “Our Shred DNA is deeply embeded in BLOOD LINE’s purposeful Fabric Engineering and function-oriented Garment Construction for joyable weather dealing in all habitats.”

    You Will Like Our Snowboard Hoodie

    It can get cold outside during the winter. When you want to look stylish and stay warm at the same time, we think that you will probably like wearing our snowboard hoodie. Our Hab Tech hoodie has a hidden stash pocket in the hood, a shred fit and hood with drawstrings. The quality of our clothing is also top-notch as our inventory offers a proprietary 3 layer fabric construction. You really can't go wrong when you choose our snowboard hoodie for your next piece of premium clothing.

    Multiple Colors Are Available

    When you decide to browse our Hab Tech hoodie and look at all the features it has, you'll notice that you can purchase this hoodie in three different colors, which are grey, military green and black. You really can't go wrong with any of these colors as our design is highly appealing and will allow you to look great when you are wearing our snowboard hoodie in the great outdoors. You'll also find that we have a standard Tech hoodie available if you would like that type of style. It is available in the same three colors, but it does have a few different features such as thumb holes and a hood with drawstrings.